Parkside 20V Batteries & Chargers (X20V Team Series)


These Parkside 20V batteries and chargers fit tools in the 20V XTeam Series. See description of each item below.

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20V Single Fast Charger

Power: 120W
Rated current: max 4.5A
Charging time: (at 20V / 4Ah): 60 minutes
LED charging indicator light
For charging both 2Ah and 4Ah batteries
Model: PLG 20 B1

20V 2Ah Battery

3-stage charge status indicator
Rated voltage: 20V
Capacity: 2Ah
Model: PAP 20 A1

20V 4Ah Battery

3-stage charge status indicator
Rated voltage: 20V
Capacity: 4Ah
Model: PAP 20 A3

20V 2Ah Battery & Charger

3-stage battery status indicator
60 minute fast charger with with automatic switch-off
Cell balancing – longer battery life, increased battery lifespan
Higher battery resources thanks to evenly used cells
Maximises the charge potential
Battery capacity: 2Ah
Charger: rated power consumption: 65W
Rated current: 2.4A
Model: PAP 20 B1 / PLG 20 A1 REC

20V Dual Quick Charge

For charging 2 batteries at once – even with different capacities
With automatic charge switch-off
3-stage battery status indicator
Suitable for wall mounting
Rated power consumption: 200W
Max. charge current: 2x 4.5A
Charging time (2Ah / 4Ah): approx. 30 mins (ready to use) / approx. 60 mins.
Power cable length: 2m
Model: PDSLG 20 A1


20V 2Ah Battery (no charger), 20V 4Ah Battery (no charger), 20V Single Fast Charger, 20V 2Ah Battery & Charger, 20V Dual Quick Charge

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