Parkside Router – 1200W 240V


The popular Parkside Router – 1200W 240V German engineered is versatile and precise for working of wood, lightweight building materials and non-ferrous metals. See features and specs of the Parkside Router – 1200W 240V below.

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Adjustable depth stop with fine adjustment.
Fast routing depth selection with 6 stage revolving limit stop.
Adjustable rotation speed.
Easy tool change with integrated spindle restraint.
Connection for external dust extraction.
Including adaptor and reducer.
Precisely adjustable parallel guide with fine adjustment.

Included with Parkside Router – 1200W 240V

6-piece router bit set for wood.
2 collets (6 and 8mm, one of which is pre-mounted).
Parallel guide with fine adjustment.
Template guide.
Caliper point.
Adaptor for external dust extraction including reducer.
Open-ended spanner.
Hex key.
Template guide for precise reproduction of cutting shapes.
Caliper point for circle cutting function.
Quick-release lever for routing depth restraint.

Power cable length: 4m
Rated input: 1,200W 240V
Routing depth: 55mm
Tool holder: 6 and 8mm
No-load rotation speed: 11,000-30,000rpm

The Parkside Router – 1200W 240V is for domestic use. Designed for milling grooves, edges, profiles and oblong holes in wood, plastic
and lightweight materials on a fixed support, as well as for copy milling. The appliance is not intended for use outside.

Parkside Router POF 1200 D3 With Bits & Accessories

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